5 factors to consider when choosing car accident lawyer

When you are behind the wheel anything can happen. Car accidents do happen despite our efforts to be careful while driving. The aftermath of a car accident can be quite a harrowing experience. When an accident has happened, whether you are at fault or not, it is very important for you to seek the services of car accident lawyer. The lawyer will help you to deal with the legal proceedings which come after a car accident. It is very important to choose the right car accident lawyer as this will determine if you get the right compensation and benefits that you are entitled to following the accident. Many of car accident victims end up getting nothing on their cases or complicating the case by not getting the right lawyers to represent them. We are going to discuss factors to consider when choosing a car accident lawyer.


  1. Experience

When you are hiring a lawyer, it is very important to check out the experience of the lawyer. This is because despite all the academic credentials one might have, the experience matters and can determine if the lawyer will win or lose the case. An experienced lawyer will work on the logistics of your case and give you the way forward. He will also give you a rough estimate of your chances of winning or losing the case. It is very important to know the expectations you have on your case so that you do not build up your hopes too high only to be disappointed. If there are gambles in the case of winning the case, the lawyer should be able to explain the pros and cons and work on improving the chances of you winning the case. It is also good to determine who was at fault and this can sometimes be tricky given the multiple effects and causes. So as to be on the right track towards winning your case, you will need someone who has the experience both in and out of the court. This is due to the fact that there are various entities and people involved in the determination of a car’s accident cause.

  1. Specialization

The experience of a lawyer alone will not help you win a case. You need to hire someone who has specialized in your kind of cases. The fact that car accident cases are long and tedious is a very good basis for you to hire the right lawyer. There is usually a lot at stake in car accident cases such as compensation and other benefits which you need to be awarded. In order to achieve this, you will need to hire a lawyer who has specialized in car accident cases instead of general practice lawyer.

  1. Access to an expert witness

Car accident lawyers not only have access to the right kind of information regarding your cases but also access to expert witnesses as well. Expert witnesses are the people who explain to you the extent of your injuries. That can be both physically or psychologically. In a case, expert testimonials carry a lot of weight as they increase your chances of being compensated for the injuries sustained from the accident. Therefore, before you hire a lawyer, ensure that he has access to expert witnesses. It is also very important to note that car accidents are reconstructed from the start so as to determine the happenings around the case. A good lawyer will hire investigators to do just that and help you preserve the evidence of the case.


  1. Legal fees

It is important to know that most of car accident lawyers work on contingency basis. This gives you as the client the upper hand in the choice of lawyer to hire. Contingency basis means that a lawyer can only be paid a certain percentage of the cash settlement you are given at the end of the case. This means that for him to get paid, he has to win the case and get you a settlement in terms of money. Contingency means of payment means that you do not have to pay some upfront cash for the lawyer to start looking in to your case. However, some lawyers charge on hourly basis. This means that they still get paid regardless of the cases’s outcome. The hourly charge rates vary from one case to another depending on various reasons, i.e. the complexity of the case, experience, town or city working in as well overhead costs. Therefore, before you hire a lawyer, be sure to understand the mode of payment that you will be paying.

  1. Personality of the lawyer

Due to the nature of car accidents, that is lengthy, it is very important for you to hire someone who you are comfortable working with. Remember that the best legal team can help you but will be making consultations and decisions on your behalf, so be careful in who you choose to represent you in your case. Does the lawyer have your best interests at heart? Does he have enough time to dedicate to your case? Beware of lawyers who have a tight schedule but still claim they will handle your case. A good lawyer will be there to address your concerns about the case and even give it full concentration. Before signing a contract with your lawyer, it is also very important to know who you will be communicating with regarding to matters of your case. Some lawyers have tendencies of delegating the role of communication to their assistants which is very wrong. A good lawyer will be able to keep the channels of communication open such that you can be able to reach him anytime you need to. The chances of you winning your case can be improved greatly by how you and your lawyer communicate.


In conclusion, the lawyer that you hire to represent you in your case should have a good record track to give you confidence. This is because car accident cases are lengthy and this can cause you emotional trauma as well as strain you physically due to the many trips you need to make to hear the case in court.